About Us

Matriae is building a legacy around customer relationships that span multiple generations, and we want to be known for our timeless quality furniture and our outstanding customer experience. Honesty is at the heart of our core values. 

Authentic Material - It is what it looks like. Sturdy furniture is made with the real thing.

Craftsmanship - Experienced furniture makers use time-honored techniques and efficient equipment.

Service - We under-promise and over-deliver.

Matriae is a luxury furniture brand with core values centered around authentic quality and doing the right thing with customers. It starts with making real furniture using authentic materials and time-honored craftsmanship. We can confidently say every piece of our furniture is very good quality.

Wesley Allen beds are good quality. If you're looking for the very highest quality wrought iron beds available in the US, check out our sister company Hieressy iron beds made in the USA.